Voice Of Kullu


  • Participant must be a citizen of India
  • Age Limit is 15 – 25 years

Registration Process

  • Online Registration – www.9pluschannel.com
  • Offline Registration – Get registration form from our associate partner venues given.
  • Submit one full size photograph, profile and complete detail about your self.


To promote local talent by providing them a open platform for their development.

Audition Venue


Selection Process

The selection process can be further broken down into two distinct stages :
Stage - 1. Open Auditions :-

The Open Auditions take place in 7-8 major Kullu town and are typically open to anyone aged 15–25 at the time of their audition.
During this stage, singers perform a brief routine (typically individually) before 2 masters.
The masters will then make an on-the-spot decision as to whether the singer demonstrated enough ability.
If the singer impressed the masters with his/her singing abilities, masters will moving them instantly one step forward in the competition.
At the end of this process, only the top 200 competitors will be chosen, 100 for the folk song and next 100 for the bollywood songs.

Stage - 2. Mega Auditions :-

The second stage of the selection process, the Mega Auditions, is a several-day-long process in which the 200 hopefuls are tested for overall well-rounded singer ability, stamina, and their ability to perform under pressure.
At the end of this process, only the top 40 competitors(20 folk, 20 bollywood) will be chosen.Those top 40 are selected for TV round in studio.Then, those 40 get divided into 2 teams which are named according to the 2 masters Each team containing 20 singers(10 folk, 10 bollywood) then competes in the show.

Every round single Contestant will be eliminated.

Then total finalist are 8 (4 folk, 4 bollywood).

List of Judges

Mahaguru Mr. SD Khasyap
HP Famous Music Director
Master Ramesh Thakur
First Voice of Himalayas
Master Kapil Sharma
Famous Music Director
Singing Guru
Pt.Vidya Sagar

Voice Of Kullu Winner Prize

135cc Bike/Scooty
Haven India & GHCCPL certificate and Gift
9 plus 1 year contract
First Maiden Show Of HP for Television

Contestant Stay Facility

9 plus channel provide stay facility to Outer Saraj contestant.

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